Sounds Like Yourself

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Sounds Like Yourself


Based on letters exchange between Oscar Wild and his lover Lord Alfred Douglas and the correspondence between outrageous American writer, Henry Miller, to his young feminist lover, Anais Nin.

This ground breaking dance piece, performed by the company’s 10 dancers brings out, the deepest human emotions in a fascinating observation on the soul and with an admirable physical intensity.

Theses Stormy, painful, passionate and angry love letters are used as a live soundtrack for this creation

Choreography - Michael Gettman

Artistic Director - Yoram Karmi

Texts - Oscar Wilde, Henry Miller, Anais Nin, Michael Getman

Original Music - Michael Gettman

Additional Music - Björk from Moon, Mahler - Rucket - Lieder, Bach - Well Temperd Clavier

Sound Design - Gal Hochberg

Lights - Omer Sheizaf

Costume Design - Tamar Ben Cna'an

Voice Guidance - Ivonne Lachmann

אין תאריכים קרובים
אין תאריכים קרובים

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