Beauty and the Beast

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Assia Hall, Tel Aviv Museum

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Beauty and the Beast


Spectacular show for the whole family based on the famous French fairy tale, "Beauty and the Beast" by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont.

During the evening of the coronation of Prince Sebastian, A beggar woman arrives at the palace, seeking shelter from a storm for the night. The spoiled arrogant prince expels her rudely. He does not know that the beggar was an enchantress disguised, who as a turns him into an ugly beast and enchants both his palace and servants, as a punishment for his behaviour.

Years later, Belle, a beautiful and kind-hearted girl, sets out in search of a magical rose that will save the family home. Miraculously, she arrives at the enchanted palace and to her surprise, meets the Beast.

Will Belle panic and run away?

Will she see the Beast’s heart despite his scary external appearance?

Will the Beast learn from Belle what compassion and kindness is?

Will the spell be removed?

The well-known and beloved fairy tale in an original, spectacular and captivating adaptation, with actors, dancers and unique video art, which emphasize the power of true friendships, inner beauty and kindness and one of the most important lessons, "Don't look at the jar, but at what's inside it!".

Choreography:Yoram Karmi

Writing and Directing by Raanan Ferrara, Moshe Ben-Shoshan

Costume Design:Maor Sabra

Décor:Sacha Lishansky

Accessories and masks:Ronnie Wagner

Editing a soundtrack and original music:Lior Ronen

Video Art:Idan Cain Shamir

Lighting:Uri Morag
Language and Speech:Margalit Gaz
Accessories:Narcissus Elba
Still Photograph: Efrat Mazor
Video: Ethan Moore
A. Directors: Tali Agronov
viewing management:Rotem Suissa
Actors:Roy Kakon, Yael Dover, Aviram Avitan

Dancers: Nofar Levinger, Noa Kairi, Nitai Yoran, Tal Elias, Yuval Kessler

The show is a co-production with Orna Porat Theater

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