Sophie Hans

Year of Birth



United States

השכלה במחול

Reut School of the Arts in 2016-2018, Unison Academy of Excellence Dance in 2018-2021, graduate of the Batsheva Dance Company School.

Awards and Scholarships

Second prize in the YAGP world competition in the women's category in contemporary dance solo in the semi-finals of barcelona in 2019. Three first yagp awards in a team category in semi-finals and finals in new york in 2019-2020. First prize in the YAGP group category and top 12 in the women's category in contemporary dance solo semi-finals in israel in 2021. Scholarship for a summer course of the american academy of ballet (aab) in 2014-2015, a scholarship from the america-israel cultural foundation in 2017.

ריקוד עבורי

Dancing is part of me, the thing that gives me the most joy and pride, and my favorite way of communicating with myself and the world.

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